Located in the heart of San Francisco at 55 Clement Street, William the Beekeeper is a thoughtfully curated boutique with an array of local and sustainable clothing, including in-house brand Kaileeni, lifestyle goods, traditional furnishings, locally made ceramics and art, and, of course, organic honey. We encourage less consumption by offering high quality products that are made with a lot of thought and love, consciously keeping human-kind and the mother nature in mind.

The company started 10 years ago in a nascent market offering one of the first stores in China to educate the consumer on vintage clothing and sustainable brands.  The stores were able to encourage encouraged more methodical shopping, while introducing medicinal benefits to real organic honey.  Because honey was hard to come by in China at that time, we flew organic, natural, unfiltered honey from a family farm in Waihole, Hawaii. We are happy to share, 10 years later, organic honey, sustainable clothing ,and vintage wear are now abundantly available throughout China today. 

And because we believe in reciprocity, embedded in our social enterprise business model, a portion of all sales goes into the local community or to a charity we strongly believe in. Thus, the name William the BeeKeeper is derived from that centerpiece of our business ethos--we work together for the betterment of the hive. 

Mission Statement:

To encourage a more thoughtful manner of consumption, by embodying a business ethos that echoes-- To Tread Lightly.