Photo from our latest candle making class with Joy from Lighten Up Shoppe

In our store, we have created a second home where we can come together to learn, grow, and share knowledge with the local community. We host events, workshops, outreach, photoshoots, and other collaborative efforts, with like minded and socially responsible companies looking to share our space and efforts toward more conscious living.

As we enjoy working for the betterment of the hive, we are proud to welcome 2 month pop up with zero-waste clothing company Tonlé. Fashion is not always synonymous with self indulgence and frivolity, at least on in our world. At WBK and Tonlé, we take great stride in ensuring the quality of garments, from the fabrication down to how it is produced, is responsible and caring. Because what you wear matters; how we walk through life with the clothes on our backs, it matters. 

 Our photo shoot studio