Eating Toward Health Questions


Starting fresh...

It may seem like a heady topic-- health, food, disease-- but the good news is that there are ways to implement healthful ways to better eating, and, thus, better living without disease. Come with an open heart and open mind. We are thrilled you are participating in this very important discussion with us and taking steps to regain health. 

Before we begin, we would like to ask a few questions that will help navigate this workshop so that we cover all topics and questions participants may have, to gauge your main concerns, and to ensure we have fun! Your privacy is paramount--information provided here is held in full confidence and to only serve the purpose of curating a great workshop for you and everyone involved. Thank you so much for caring about your health! We care about it too! 

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We have a great list of books and documentaries to recommend before the class, depending on your answers here. Which do you prefer?
Do you have a tendency to overeat or eat poorly when stressed? If you feel you do not eat well now, what are some of the main reasons? If you do eat well now, what inspires you or helps you do so? How has your relationship with food evolved over the years?
What else you hope to gain from this workshop, particular conditions you would like to address, or questions you hope we can cover?