Eating Toward Health Workshop

Eating Toward Health Workshop


The truth of the matter is that more and more Americans are eating their way toward living with disease. Such diseases include autoimmune and metabolic diseases, early aging and cancer, among so many others. Outside of palliative measures, they are without a true cure; we look toward the most basic preventative measures of such diseases, through stress reduction, wellness and from the foods we consume. 

In this workshop, we discuss books that carry this message through, with research backed cases throughout history that exposes the ills of modern life—the consumption of processed foods, carcinogen exposures, combined with a sedentary lifestyle, is the main cause of such preventative diseases.

Join us for an in depth conversation on how to improve your physical body that starts with a psychological shift in perspective in how we view food AND our bodies. We’ll start a real conversation on how to live pain free and disease free. There is a way to living well and healthfully, and that is through the thoughtfulness of the foods we infuse in our bodies, combined with the thoughtfulness of our relationship to our selves. 

Space is limited. Once a reservation has been confirmed, we will send each person a hefty recommended reading list of books to be discussed, for those who would like to read up on the topic in advance. We will also recommend a documentaries to watch for those who aren’t ardent readers. Or, come empty handed, open minded, full of curiosity and questions!

This fee will be forfeited by those who end up not making it to the workshop, for having reserved that spot and will be donated to UCSF Osher Integrative Center.

We do not want to discourage anyone from joining us. If for whatever reason you can not afford the course, let us know, we will waive this fee for you. 

Come one, come all. Space is limited to 12-15 people. 

Date: July 29th
Time: 6:30-8pm
Meal is provided, with a nutrition book, and lots of discussion. 

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