Terms of Service

Welcome to William the BeeKeeper. Please read the following terms of service (“Terms”). By using this website, you agree to the following conditions below. We offer a full 10 day refund, 30 day exchange.


William the BeeKeeper is brick and mortar boutique thoughtfully curated with locally made San Francisco clothing and lifestyle products, sustainable or socially responsible brands and artisan goods. All products are designer-quality goods and the background of each brand or artist is thoroughly researched. Some products are exclusively offered online.


At William the BeeKeeper, we are committed to providing our customers with great quality products that are often one-of-kind or produced in low quantities for our customers. Often, we work with brands and artists to offer designed products exclusively for the store. Because of the responsible manner in which it is produced, with quality and craftsmanship and in low quantity, often that is reflected in the price. To learn more about pricing, please read about it in our Living Conscious site. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please review our Returns & Exchanges section for further assistance.


  1. No minimum order for Immediate delivery, dependent on availability.
  2. June delivery $1000 minimum combined order. Deposit is 50% of wholesale order.
  3. We value our commitment to you and to the quality of our pieces, as they are made by hand with the utmost quality in mind, many pieces come from sustainable fabrics, others from remnant fabrication, in order to honor our low waste mission, and a portion of all sales goes back to the community or charity we believe in.
  4. If for whatever reason we cannot deliver in the time promised, we will return 100% of the deposit.